Director/ Provider of Jeremy's Place Daycare 

Posted by Paulette.  
August 9, 2019

Micheal Discioarro is an excellent attorney. I am very happy with the outcome of my case. I would definitely recommend him for representation. Thanks a million Micheal.This review is from a person who hired this attorney.Hired attorney



5.0 stars

Posted by Arielle
June 25, 2019

Lots of respect to this man. I reached out to him (maybe harassed in the beginning even) I was freaking out when acs first knocked on my door. No matter how much of a great mother I think I am ; when 2 acs agents knock on your door at 11 at night you will feel some type of way. Before they came to my house they went to my parents house and then to my landlord. Embarrassed alone and scared of the unknown Michael eased my worries. He let me know what to do and what to expect. If he wasn’t by my side I don’t know what would of happend ; I am happy with the outcome!! Thank you Michael for having awesome judgement and for being orally articulate. Oh and for being such a great listener!!!

Less This review is from a person who hired this attorney.Hired attorney


5 Stars for sure!

5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous
June 3, 2019

This man is fantastic. He eased my worries from the moment that I spoke to him. He has extensive knowledge and extensive experience with ACS. He knows what they can and cannot do and what they will try to do. He knows exactly how they function. It's not only his background that makes him such an effective attorney, it's his approach. From the moment I contacted him we was reassuring and confident. He assured me that I did not do anything wrong and that he was there for me. He's always available. He May seem like he's being short with you but HE IS NOT. He's your attorney and he keeps it professional and only wants to talk to you about matters relevant to the case. Hire him and trust him. I would reccommend him to ANYONE.


Great acs case slayer he fights for your rights

5.0 stars

Posted by Ozihov
June 2, 2019

He helped us get our lives back.
We had an acs case against us and helped us clear up matters so we could continue our journey of finally being adoptive parents.  
If youre looking for a lawyer to help u fight acs workers who make up things just to keep their jobs .it was all a misunderstanding that the acs worker could have seen but they want to keep the kids in the sytem so they could keep their job and make up lies against honest hard working foster parents.
Hire this man to get your name cleared and protect your job and family from ACS.